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Who We Are


who we are…

A team with a positive approach to training, we’re dedicated to improving the relationship between you and your dog. We customize our time together to deliver the most relevant, clear and concise training information. Prepare to learn heavily and develop your skill set through encouraging instruction of various learning methods. We want to help you enjoy your human-canine bond, and believe in a world where we all deserve to be better understood.


Meet the lead trainer…

I embarked on my dog training journey nearly 20 years ago with a German Shepherd puppy at Amiable Dog Training in Milwaukee, WI. A wide-eyed student, I completed many courses with her, igniting my interest in the animal behavior world and earning competition titles along the way. Soon after, I was assisting and leading group puppy and basic obedience classes, while apprenticing with owner, Amy Ammen.

In 2006, I studied with Dr. Bonnie Bergin of Bergin University in Rohnert Park, CA, and earned an AS degree in Human-Canine Studies. This inspired the launch of a career in working dogs, where I trained and placed Assistance Dogs, Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs.

In 2011, I became a canine trainer for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation in Ojai, CA. With selected dogs from shelters and rescues, we trained them for urban search and rescue work, and paired them with first responder handlers from all over North America. The teams worked towards and achieved FEMA certification for deployment, and actively searched disaster sites such as Haiti, Japan and Nepal's earthquakes. During this time, I was honored to train with Pluis Davern of Sundowner Kennels, who truly deepened my understanding of our relationship and communication with dogs.

Today I maintain a private training business on the Door County peninsula, which aims to improve our complex interactions with dogs. We have a lot to offer them, and they have just as much to offer back. Through study, practice, and dedicated growth, we will further scratch the surface of how these bonds can truly enhance our lives.


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