Mission Statement

We uphold a positive, balanced approach to dog training in the real world. From city dogs to country pups, what’s best for your unique situation? Utilize your environment to its fullest potential. Establish a fluid relationship with your companion or working dog, by learning to read (and speak!) k9 body language. Develop ingenuity through understanding behavior principles, which teaches handlers to problem solve and think on their feet. (Bonus: Some rules apply to coworkers, children and spouses!) Ease frustration in training by shifting your focus to capturing the good moments, and create the bond you desire with your companion.

Training takes time. Initially, we meet weekly to work towards the bigger picture of turning our clients into savvy trainers, not just handlers. Every dog related dynamic is different, and we believe training should be woven seamlessly into your daily life, not an additional chore. Graduate to independence only when it’s comfortable for you.



"Think of the leash itself as your emergency backup plan, not your main means of communicating with or controlling your dog. If your leash is your primary means of communication and control and your dog knows that you have no control once the leash is off. Even if you never plan to walk your dog off leash, your dog should think the leash is irrelevant and the connection should be between you and your dog not the leash and your dog." 
-Sue Brown (Juvenile Delinquent Dogs, 2012)